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In a live casino situation, craps can be a fast and volatile game. It's not unusual to see a lot of money being bet and lost on any single roll of the dice, especially if the table is full of players and things are really heating up. While you should always be prepared to lose (sometimes really big if you're not careful) at craps, there is simple craps strategy that you can utilize to help ensure that you don't fall prey to the luck of the roll. Please read on below for the details.

Bet the pass line
First start out by betting the table minimum, and if you start to win a bit, press your bet by one chip each time you have a winner. Go back to the table minimum each time you lose.

Take full odds
Always take full odds on the pass line, come bets or any placed or bought numbers. Most casinos offer double odds, so don't be afraid to utilize this option. So for example, with a $5 minimum bet, your odds will be an extra $10, so you would have $15 on each such bet.

Understand the middle table bets first
Simple craps strategy also means properly understanding the bets in the middle of the table before playing them. Don't bet Field, Big Six, Big Eight, Hardways or any other one-roll bets until you know more about each and understand them fully. These bets can decrease your bankroll very quickly and may even distract you from making other bets properly.

Manage your money properly
Simple craps strategy isn't only the actual bets in the game; it's also making sure that you manage your money properly. Keep an eye on how much you have and monitor your winnings closely. Your winnings are any monies that you didn't bring to the with you so obviously you're going to try to make sure that you leave the table with winnings and not empty pockets.

The intention as with any game is to have some fun and win while you're at it. Stick to a simple craps strategy and you'll have covered the basics of what you really need to cover in order to have a chance at winning. Have fun.

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