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This is just a quick note to you our visitors and customers.

Dear Surfer,

Most likely, you've happened across this page simply because you're looking to play free craps. Undoubtedly, you have come to the right place. The lack of good quality, fast free craps on the web made it quite easy for us to decide that American Craps could and would easily be the best spot on the Web for free craps game lovers to hangout. As such, we've sought out the best of the best in terms of software, and here we provide you with the ultimate in free craps, with an in-browser game that can best be described as "Las Vegas style and quality".

Not only can you play free craps, we've taken it to another level, providing a built in chat room with the software, so that you can chat with other gamblers as you play. This undoubtedly adds to the quality of the overall gaming experience for you the player, making it seem almost as though you were in Vegas itself, striking up conversations with other players at the table who might be there for the experience like yourself.

For sure you should try out our free craps game. And if you get bored, you can also try the slots, roulette, blackjack and video poker games that also come built into this software suite. We'll give you 1,000 free points to start you off, so try building them up to see how far you can go. Very soon we'll be looking to offer free prizes and cash for players who've reached a certain level in terms of points, so keep visiting and playing because it's definitely coming soon.

All the best to you from us here at American-Craps.Com and we hope you have great fun playing our free craps.

The American-Craps.Com Team

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